Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mobilink: Such Jazba, Logo Chori Ka!!!


These are the words from a cellular company Mobilink’s recent promotional campaign of its “Youth Package” to capture youth market of Pakistan.

Launched few days back massively through hoardings and other media tools, the company claimed that “Such Jazba” was derived from values of our society with particular focus on youth. Have a look at “values” it describes:

Fresh. Vibrant. Spirited. Honest.
Such Jazba™ is a tribute to your values.
Values that are as personal as they are universal.
Values that will make more out of who you really are.
Values that have a way of adding up to you.
The time has come to be yourself, in your world.
A world where everything and everybody will
remind you everyday that you are the best thing to
ever happen to You.
So, join us when you say:
Such Apnao, Jazba Jagao!

These captivating and beautifully written slogans were used by the cellular company to invite youth after a “detailed thinking process”. Only the related people could tell better about it; however the disgraceful thing is that “the campaign has everything except the TRUTH.”

According to my research, the logo adopted for the campaign was actually designed by a Brazilian designer Fabio Sasso from Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2005 for its client “Zagora” and was uploaded on his website on Jan 24, 2008.

Web page view of Original Logo used by Mobilink for its Youth Package
“Copy and Paste” is common nowadays. But at least it is done intelligently. But it seems Mobilink feels “Mauja’n hi Mauja’n” by utilizing the same design theme after just adding an additional color and using different characters.

Mobilink, it’s time to think again. Stop the campaign based on an untruthful thing and shift it to the real values to reach the youth of Pakistan.


  1. Bogus! We just need reasons to blame companies for everything even if it is good.