Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Love n Care: The Missing Element in Pakistan…

He is just an office boy, as you can see in any office.

Pakistan Desperately Needs Culture of Love n Care
A harsh-tongued but hard working Imdad came from Interior Sindh. He remains busy all the day in kitchen and keeps spreading negative gossips among the office.

Nature wise, however he is a good person and not so harmful for any person. But his habit of backbiting was a reason for irritation for everyone in the office.

But one day, something strange happened. A visible change in his behavior could be seen by everyone in the office. He was no more backbiting or spreading negative words about any of office persons. The change was delighting.

"How was that happened," I inquired my CEO.

"That is very simple," he replied. "He was suffering from a disease of negative energy that is making him spread the negative waves in the office. I just gave him a dose of Love and Care and now he is absolutely fine."

Double the Dose of Love n Care

"What if he indulges again in backbiting or anything wrong like this," I asked again.

"I will double the dose of Love and Care. Believe me! this is the best medicine I have come across to cure internal diseases of every person."
He continued to say that "I you find anything wrong in anyone, criticizing him harshly and making strong comments will not make him or her corrected. In some cases they caused opposite reactions instead of making any improvement."

"Just giving your love and care to him or her whether he is your brother, your sister, your spouse, your kids, your friend, your son, your fellow blogger, your Facebook or Twitter Friend or your office colleague is the only simple solution."

Pakistan Needs Culture of Sincere Love n Care

After having this brief chat with my CEO, I realized that this is one of the biggest problems Pakistani society is suffering from, particularly prevailing in the youth of Pakistan. I realized that we never say a simple word of love to our friends, a simple act of care to our office colleagues in their problems, a little help to our friends in their difficult time or a kind gesture to our friends on Social Media.

I realized that if I can't provide any sort of help, at least I can give a sweet dose of sincere love and care to the circle in which I live around. May be it proves to be a affectionate cure for someone who is in search of help and finding it nowhere!!!

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