Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In Search of Ideal Youth n Students for Pakistan

 “A place that produces most important asset for the society- Human Capital…that uplifts the nation and the country to the level of proud is called “School”.”

I heard these words in a very soft and pleasant voice as I entered walking briskly with drops of sweat on my forehead into the air-conditioned hall of a five star hotel.

“I am in search of Ideal Youth and Students for my country, My Pakistan…but I can’t see them anywhere,” the same voice uttered expressing a feeling what I can say pain for the country.

Entering the lavish hall, I went straight to the spot where I could see bottles of mineral water and started drinking it with a feeling that almost every person in the hall is looking angrily at me for disturbing flow of the program.

After sitting on a comfortable chair, I nudged my neighbor and asked who was speaking at the moment. “He is one of the leading trainer and educationist of the country striving to overhaul the education system of Pakistan and to bring reforms in schools.”

“Oh!” I sighed. I had heard about that guy from many circles and wished to meet him.

“As a school’s main contribution is to give best in education, changing trends has made some additions in role of school- most importantly Skills Development in students,” he commented gently.

He was quick to say that “After an intensive journey of searching libraries, research sites, books and Western Education’s Success, I have sum up almost 10 traits and skills that I see in an Ideal Student or an Ideal Youth.”

He then pointed out at the multimedia screen which was showing the words of:  

Personal Awareness
Having Clear Vision for Life
Living a Planned Life
Excellent Teamwork Skills
Openness to Accept Academic & Life Challenges
Effective Communication
Creativity & Innovativeness
Learner and Ideas Presenter
Strong Character 
Critical Thinking

“In light of my research, I have come to the conclusion that every school in Pakistan has to work on these traits and skills to achieve the goal of producing ideal students for Pakistan. Through modern techniques like Experiential Learning Model, schools could make students to Act, Learn and then Adapt required. This is as true for Pakistani Youth as well, as they stepped out of our education system aimless and need these skills to live a productive life for themselves, their families and the country.”

Having said these words, he looked at the audience who was looking at the tables carrying high-tea and quietly left the stage and started walking outside the hall. I was looking at him, a different trainer with a different but inspiring vision, to whom I was really inspired and who was in search of the Ideal Students and Youth for my country, Pakistan.

I decided that I will meet him and go thorough his thought of how every Pakistani student and every Pakistani youth could become ideal for the development of the country.

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  1. اس سفر کی سب سے بڑی خوبی یہ ہے کہ ہر مسافر کو اپنی منزل ملنے کا یقین ہے